Trend Hunter

Future-proofing a leader in innovation.

Trend Hunter started as a trend-spotting website, but over the years, they’ve evolved into a full-service trend agency. From Disney to Nasa, they advise the world’s biggest companies on how to innovate.

With opportunities on the horizon, Trend Hunter’s enemy was that their brand was not as sophisticated as their audience. After interviewing every employee at Trend Hunter, we uncovered that their enemy was bigger than their brand, it was how the employees felt. The brand made the team feel like amateurs, and they certainly are not.

Our job was to elevate Trend Hunter both externally and internally. To get there we developed a brand with authority and style. With a modernist sensibility, we reinvented Trend Hunter using a sharp black and white palette, geometric patterns and a fearless, experienced tone.

The tag line: Create The Future resonates with both audiences. For Trend Hunter employees, renamed Futurists it empowers them step and be leaders. For clients, it gives them reassurance and confidence that they are collaborating with the right people.

At Trend Hunter, innovative thinking is the process of seeing the trends and connecting the dots. For their brand identity, we leveraged this notion with a series of geometric patterns and imagery built on dots. To help TrendHunter create their own imagery, we designed a dot pattern filter that can turn any image into a vector-based design, which allowed them to keep their imagery fresh and on trend without relying on stock photography.

With a complex trend decoding system already in place, we reimagined the design system so that is was clean and purposeful.

For their premiere speaker series Future Festival, we created collateral that reflects the stylish rebrand. Speakers are now photographed black on black, making them look slick and smart.

For the event’s poster series, we put the brand to the test and created a series of dynamic ads. Each ad hints at the insights and thinking only Trend Hunter can offer. They are playful and cheeky and leave the viewer hungry to know more. This is who Trend Hunter is - energetic, inventive and inspiring.

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