Spinmaster / Hatchimals

Hatching a playful unboxing series.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles are highly sought after mini figurines that hatch from a tiny egg. Now in their 4th season, Hatchimals was looking for a new way to connect with fans.

With amateur Hatchimals’ unboxing videos already popping up on YouTube, the enemy was predictability. How could we make the unboxing construct more ownable and fun?

For inspiration, Friends & Enemies looked to the great 80’s television. Sitcoms like Facts of Life and Punky Brewster got our juices and nostalgia flowing. Now to modernize and add an unboxing element!

Introducing Hatch Club, a fan club for besties who love to unbox and hatch new Hatchimals. Set in a fantastic tree-house where an all-knowing tree delivers treats from Hatchtopia. Every week, our group of friends gathers to see what delights they’ll discover.

With a target audience that’s grown up on YouTube, we knew that they are drawn to games, baking, and ASMR. In each story-line the friends not only unbox but they play, get messy and talk directly to the audience.

From set design to storylines, Friends & Enemies worked through every detail of Hatch Club. With a strong production team and Spin Master client, we creating an ongoing series that’s well-loved and well-watched.


The start of a beautiful friendship.

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