Mini Heroes

Raising a bold new kids fashion brand.

Children’s clothing has traditionally been pink and blue. But the world is rapidly changing and so are gender identities. The designers at MiniHeroes recognized the shift and pivoted their years of experience to meet the new style. Excited at the chance to create a brand from the ground up, Friends & Enemies jumped aboard to build the identity and digital experience.

With a blank slate and desire to stand out from the pinks and blues, their enemy was going against the grain and being true at every step.

When Friends & Enemies kicked off the project, MiniHeroes had the start of a genderless kids' clothing line and a name. That’s all. We worked as a team to create the brand, from photography to tone.

Seeing that the clothing was mainly black, white and patterned heavily influenced our design aesthetic. We knew photography had to be as punchy as the brand’s beliefs, so we recommended that photography is on white, with pops of black.

As for language, we gave the brand a positive, and yes heroic tone. Short and punchy headlines dot the experience clearly explaining just who MiniHeros is: A Leader for littles.

MiniHeroes is a pioneer in modern children’s clothing. Working as one we created a brand that is both fierce and fun. Powerful and playful.


The start of a beautiful friendship.

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