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Reinventing a national charity for the greater good.

Since 2000, MakeWay has been a philanthropic change-maker in diverse communities across Canada. Launched and known for two decasdes as Tides Canada, the organization had become established as a reliable partner to communities and philanthropic stakeholders connecting new and existing environmental and economic projects with funding and support.

While well-known and respected in many communities, the Tides name had unfortunately become muddied in part by their US counterpart, along with political targeting by groups less inclined to sharing their progressive values and activities domestically. With new leadership at the helm, it was time to start afresh, so Tides Canada came to Friends & Enemies in search of reinvention.

Brand Strategy An organization and brand this well established across so many communities required a mindful approach to rebranding and reinvention. Strategy and research played a key role in uncovering this new direction, including numerous interviews and brainstorms in partnership with the team at Rebelles Research. We discovered what sets this organization apart is that they are facilitators, partners, and connectors to a diverse set of stakeholders. The interviews confirmed that this relationship and their initiatives provide momentum that amplifies impact.

With momentum as our north star, we arrived at MakeWay as the new organizational name - it is actionable, optimistic, and all about working as a group to accelerate change. From here we developed the key tagline that helped succinctly communicate the organization's purpose and vision: nature and communities thriving together.

To develop the brand, we looked far and wide across Canada for inspiration, eventually finding inspiration in our great mountains and lakes as a representation of what makes Canada unique coast to coast. Together they meet and unite in 'the heart centre', as nature and communities come together. Our motion logo also shows the rainbow of colours for the brand representing the diversity of communities, partners and initiatives within MakeWay that create the consolidated whole of the organization.

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