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A charity brand makes way for change.

Since 2000, MakeWay (formerly Tides Canada) has been a philanthropic change-maker in diverse communities across Canada. Launched as Tides Canada, the organization had grown into a reliable philanthropist and partner to new and existing environmental and economic projects beginning with the preservation of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest, through historic First Nations-led conservation agreements.

The Enemy While well-known and respected, the Tides name had been muddied by their US counterpart along with political targeting. With new leadership at the helm, it was time to start afresh, starting with the name.

The Insight Because Tides Canada was not your typical charity, we needed to build a brand that embodied its purpose and helped to explain it at the same time. Through research and interviews, it was discovered that while they were a reliable and important organization, their pivotal role was to provide momentum which would amplify the impact of their partners.

Name Change With momentum as the north star, MakeWay became the new name. It is actionable, optimistic, all about working as a group to accelerate change. The tagline “Nature and communities thriving together,” beautifully balances out the name with the collective goal.

“MakeWay for what’s possible” became a call to action.

Brand Development In developing the brand concept, the concept of interconnectedness came through. Inspired by the book We Are The Weather, our brand concept of “All In” became the cornerstone for the brand. The concept is a reminder that humans have the ideas, energy, enthusiasm, drive and excitement to create change.

Identity Development As we defined the brand, we set out to establish a framework of elements that would position MakeWay as energetic but also an organization doing work of great importance.

The logo, an interconnected M represents people coming together, with a heart center and is reminiscent of mountains and the environment. The colours are a combination of vibrant hues but paired with deep colours to reflect the positive energy alongside the gravitas of the brand.

Experience Design As a complex charitable organization that needed to speak to both grassroots organizations as well as large foundations and individual philanthropists our strategy was to create a clear path for different groups of visitors as well as streamline the existing content so visitors could clearly understand the activities of the organization.

Without tearing down the existing site which was large and complex, we focused on the reorganization of the navigation which enabled us to organize the diverse audience and activities of the organization. Once those areas were clearly defined, the experience strategy focused on strong brand positioning, streamlined content and well-designed multipurpose modules to house a variety of content.

About MakeWay MakeWay is a charitable organization focused on the interconnection of people, nature and the economy. Their mission is to build partnerships and solutions that support both the environment and the people who live there.

F&E believes in building a better, cleaner, more connected world. We seek out clients who share our values, many are often B-Corp. Working with MakeWay reaffirmed our commitment to doing our part

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