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Helping kids eat good snacks, so they can do great things.

For many parents the back to school season means new backpacks, school supplies and of course, packed lunches. In 2020, COVID made back to school a more complicated issue with some kids returning to physical schools while others were being homeschooled. MadeGood needed to position it’s snacks as a healthy, vitamin packed, easy to grab snack for kids no matter what school looked like this year.

The Insight — Ingredients Matter What goes into MadeGood snacks, comes out as energy for all the things kids do everyday.

The Enemy — Time No matter what the song says, time was definitely not on our side. With less than five weeks until the September start of the school season across North America, we had to ideate on a new campaign that could work in both :15 and :06 second formats for 16:9 and 4:5 formats, promote multiple product SKUs, consider the various school situations across Canada and the US, push to both retail and eCommerce. It was… quite a lot and there wasn’t much time to get it done.

The Approach — Work Smart (and Hard) Using a sprint-based approach inspired by product design, we developed a series of campaign territory ideas within a week of the brief. We focused on ideas that were both possible to produce within our tight timeline and even tighter budgets, but that didn’t compromise on the brand message and visuals.

The Results — Much content. So nutritious. We delivered 96 videos in 4 short weeks, with a fast follow of 13 more videos for eCommerce platforms on Amazon, Target and other retailers using the same elements in the following 2 weeks.

About MadeGood® MadeGood®is owned by Riverside Natural Foods. They make organic, nut and allergen free snacks such as granola bars, granola balls, cookies, crispy squares and granola.

If you run marketing for a natural food brand we have some great strategies that could help.

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