A redesign that congratulates customers.

LowestRates.ca is a fin-tech company that saves Canadians money by comparing rates on auto insurance, mortgage rates, and credit cards. Since launch LowestRates has grown and so has the digital landscape.

With an outdated experience and positioning, their enemy was that they weren’t keeping up with their customers. After reviewing current behavior, Friends & Enemies discovered that most users were visiting the site from their mobile phones, but the site was designed primarily for desktop. So that’s where the redesign and rebranding began!

Starting with a mobile-first mindset, UX design streamlined the experience. SEO remained an essential factor in the new strategy, as there were a lot of legacies layered in the original content.

Conceptually, we really connected with Lowest Rates’ customers. On their own accord, they are seeking out a better rate. They are leaving the big banks, in search of better. We felt like this going against the grain attitude deserved to be rewarded. And so the brand idea of “Bravo You” was launched.

With original illustrations and snappy upbeat headlines, we infused the Lowest Rates brand with newfound energy and excitement. Coupled with an easier experience, we relaunched a beloved brand and paid compliments to their avant-garde customers at the same time!

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The start of a beautiful friendship.

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