Lifting homeowners up, when their house lets them down.

HomeStars connects homeowners with the best trades in their area. After 10 years of organic success and growth, they hit a wall.

With all their time spent developing their product, their enemy was that they had become a brand that was all facts and no emotion.

When Friends & Enemies came on board, we immediately understood that HomeStars is here for the homeowner through thick and thin. Owning a home can be very stressful and filled with unknowns, and with HomeStars, homeowners can take on whatever their address throws their way.

For a brand launch, we created the fundamental pieces needed - from imagery, colours, brand elements and messaging. We built the HomeStars brand up so that Canadians could recognize and connect with them.

In out-of-home and social media we didn’t run from the ugliness of homeownership, instead, we embraced the truths. We talked about raccoons living in the roof, we joked about renovations that never end. We didn’t paint homeownership as perfect, instead, we empowered homeowners to handle it all a creative concept and tag line of You Got This!

There are two sides to HomeStars - the owner and the trades. You really can’t have one without the other. In B2B publications we continued to grow the brand by demonstrating to contractors in all fields that HomeStars is an acquisition tool you can count on.

As the brand took seed in Eastern Canada, the west required extra TLC. For the launch of HomeStars out west, F&E adapted US creative for the Canadian market.

In the spot, a spokeswoman humanizes the HomeStars experience. Dressed as a contractor, she addresses the fears and needs of every homeowner and explains how HomeStars solves the problems with ease.

This dual Direct Television strategy connected with western homeowners. Not only did site traffic rise, but contractors took notice and signed on.

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The start of a beautiful friendship.

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