A cannabis brand that invites you to 'wonder in'.

Established in 2018, Cori is a Toronto-based cannabis retailer focused on the wellness journey. Their vision was to create a cannabis retail store that was different than the status quo. While still waiting for the lottery-driven retail license, they moved ahead to craft their unique strategy and identity.

The Enemy

The enemy was noise. There are alot of new players in the cannabis retail space and the challenge was figuring out the audience that the current market was overlooking. Once that audience was established the next challenge was to craft a brand identity and experience that would stand out from the crowd and not alienate the audience.

The Insight

Through research, it was identified by our partners at Colour that there was an audience that the other brands were missing, largely the 40+ and boomer crowd, who were curious about what cannabis could do to improve their overall wellness and happiness, but didn’t feel comfortable going to some of more popular cannabis retailers who focused on younger audiences who use cannabis in different ways.

Brand Development

In developing the brand, the concept of ‘living in the moment’ came through. Inspired by the book The Power of Now, our brand concept of “Now is Amazing” became the essence of the brand. In the ongoing journey to betterment and enjoyment, Cori connects you to what’s naturally good in cannabis to what’s inherently good inside all of us. The brand became a guide for an audience curious about cannabis, and most importantly an invitation to “Wonder In.”

Identity Development

As we defined the identity, we set out to establish a system of elements that would be sophisticated but not luxury, inviting, vibrant and connect to nature without leaning on cannabis leaf imagery. The logo was designed to be inviting with a smile. The lower case ‘c’ is gentle and winking, while the ‘o’ leans back and says “hey, come in.” The saffron brand colour became the signature colour, supported by sophisticated black and white supported by a wayfinding palette of pastel tones used for the retail space and e-commerce.

A series of custom illustrations were created for the brand of indistinct but natural imagery which could be used alone or in combination in patterns to create organic shapes that came to define the visual design of the brand.

Instore Experience

Working collaboratively with the interior design team, we ensured the brand elements would translate into practical applications in the physcial store.

Proof of Concept

The real magic of the brand system came to life through the proof of concept. From retail uniforms to tradeshow banners to emails, the system of type, colour and illustration could be put together in a variety of ways and yet still all feel connected. This is the true stress-test of any branding, to make sure it can hold up to the countless iterations when the brand enters the real world.

About Cori

Cori is a Toronto-based cannabis and wellness retail store. Established in 2017, they believe that the best path to achieving success in your wellness journey begins with establishing a balance. As part of that balance, they acknowledge that the cannabis plant and its derivative products can play a role in helping you find balance in your routine.

If you are a health or wellness brand looking for brand definition or an omnichannel marketing strategy, we know how to put your audience first and make a delightful brand experience.

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