Spinmaster / CoolMaker

Moving a craft brand from girly to girl power.

Spin Master is a world-known toy brand. Within their portfolio is Cool Maker, a line of creative craft activities targeted to girls. When Friends & Enemies teamed up to create their advertising campaign, the brand was very traditional: pink, girly, and giggly.

With a very generic brand positioning and no real ownable stance, their enemy was that they were out of touch.

Our job was to give the brand some grit. We looked at the zeitgeist and realized that today girls are encouraged to rise up, be proud and help each other. The modern-day feminist movement is on and it’s for all ages.

To join the growing movement, we created an anthem video spot with an original song. The theme: get your besties and get busy, it’s crafting time.

Instead of the over-used bedroom set, we built an NYC-inspired craft studio and filled it with a squad of diverse girls. Each dressed in today’s coolest fashions they ran into the studio and without delay began crafting and sharing.

The spot is bubbling with energy, excitement and a love for crafting. Filmed like a documentary, we captured three different crafting stations in one day, giving us enough footage to create an anthem and three product spots. Plus a whole bunch of fun extras for social.

But the movement didn’t stop there. Knowing that YouTube is where girls go to research craft projects, we launched an all-girls talk show modeled after The View. The campaign rounded out with explainer videos to inspire and answer all crafters’ how-to questions.

By creating an ownable and relevant brand campaign, Cool Maker has grown from a girly craft toy to a proper brand. Both girls and Spin Master have recognized its strength and continue to rally behind the new Cool Maker brand.

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