Blu Ivy Group

How an agency blossomed into leaders.

Blu Ivy is more than a client to Friends & Enemies. We are partners in building employer brands. In this case, the brand that needed guidance was their own.

With years focussed on building their businesses, their enemy was a piecemeal brand that didn’t represent the Blu Ivy of today.

Blu Ivy advises some of North America’s largest companies on how to grow an award-winning culture that attracts and retains great employees. After a deep industry audit and strategic session, we understood that Blu Ivy’s secret sauce is that they get to the root of an organization. They dig into the culture, unearth truths and help them bloom from within.

To bloom became our strategic heart. For design, we looked to nature for inspiration and connection with macro shots of gorgeous flowers as they come into their own — much like Blu Ivy. Knowing that we wanted to represent Blu Ivy as a modern organization, we leaned into black layouts to contrast the vibrant flowers.

For language, we evolved Blu Ivy’s tone, from freshman go-getter to a confident leader. All throughout wit, style, and experience explain their offering and invite new clients to learn and explore.

From the roots up, we transformed Blu Ivy into a stunningly, stylish leader. Rightfully so.

The brand was built on a minimal palette of teal, black and white. The logo was treated as type only, allowing the rest of the brand elements to shine. Clever growth inspired copy combined with visual elements such as photographic floral imagery on black, a thick teal outline box, a dot pattern and the serif font Prata formed the basis for the brand identity.

Working from the brand we overhauled the user experience, visuals and copy of the entire BluIvy website before handing it off to their dev and production partner.

Working closely with Blu Ivy for more than two years, we’ve created Employer Branding creative for some of the world’s top brands. From Ecco Shoes to CN Rail and CGI, we’ve been Blu Ivy’s go-to creative partner when it comes to seeing their strategy come to life. In turn, we’ve become experts in this growing field.

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